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My Profits

Here is the manufacturing cost prices to make the products:

This is what it will COST you to make per liter !

Bottling and labels excluded.

ALL THESES PRODUCTS CAN BE SOLD between R 15-00 and R28-00 PER 750ml OR MORE,

SO YOU CAN SEE HOW HIGH YOUR THE PROFIT MARGINS ARE. Note all product on the shelf are sold in 750 ml containers.
*Prices based on raw materials bought in bulk.
(prices can change without notice)

Our unique machine design allows a high production rate due to the machine not being tied up while your  product is being bottled. You can remove you mixed product in it's tank, one person can bottle your product from there, while you can start your next batch on the machine.


Go to your local shop or supermarket and see what they are selling these products for on the shelf -

See your profit!

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